Look At God

Real Stories by Real People

This book is being written in 2020, the year when the whole world experienced much change and many challenges through the Covid-19 pandemic. Amidst the tests and trials enhanced by the virus, people have become desperate for solutions and relief. Some have thankfully recognized their need for the Lord and allowed Him to make Himself real in their circumstances.

I sense the timing of this book places a spotlight on the importance and power of testimony in the midst of the testing and trials of life. The witness of Jesus intervening in lives will really encourage you to look beyond the here- and-now and grant you that bigger picture of God’s kingdom coming to earth.

Look At God

This book is being written in 2020, the year when the whole world experienced much change and many challenges through the Covid-19 pandemic…

You Shall Live

You Shall Live” is a book that God put on my heart to write when I was in high school. It is about the greatness of God in my personal journey with Him. May it take your faith to a higher dimension and train you to walk in signs and wonders.

Knowing Yourself

Our experiences can either define us, or refine us to bring beauty out of ashes. This book will open your mind and set you free. It will bring the life that the Creator intended you to have and the freedom of the Spirit that can be interjected into the natural realm. It is time to find yourself.

Keys To His Presence

The purpose of this writing is to not only introduce you to the tangible presence of the Lord but as you read my prayer is that the Holy Spirit will become a firm reality that will affect and transform your life forever.

Fathered By The Invisible

Fathered by the Invisible comes from a place of personal, experiential revelation. It aims to provide hope and restoration to those who have been victims of a fatherless upbringing. It even invites those who have been burnt by poor leadership in life and in the church. 

Breakthrough Thinking

Breakthrough Thinking directs us to think, talk, and act with God’s intelligence and with His huge heart. Once we learn that the mind of  Christ is unfathomable and that we can access His thoughts through the Word, we will be ready to have many God adventures.

The Game of Decisions

The Game of Decisions unfolds the secrets of how you can score more successes in life. The precious Holy Spirit will guard and guide you in your daily walk from making mistakes. 

Speak To The Wind

God has provided hope through every storm and in every wind of life. There is nothing to fear when we partner with our powerful Creator in every challenge of life. 

A New Dimension of Glory

In Dr. Gershom SIkaala’s extraordinary book, “A New Dimension of Glory,” you will catch a glimpse of the glory that will seed into your spirit a burning desire to have nothing less than God Himself. For there is surely nothing more “pristine and unarguably” priceless than the glory of God.