Gershom’s inner circle is a unique interaction where he will be sharing heart-to-heart revelation that will bring transformation to your life

People ruin their lives with the bad decisions they made based on the inaccurate information they have accumulated over the years. But with the right information and the right teachings you can turn your life around. Revelation will bring inner healing and the tools that will empower you to be a new successful you. At this crucial time, you need clarity of vision. 

Throughout the years I’ve had the privilege to travel the world and sit with renowned leaders from various walks of life. These experiences for these leaders are equal to 100 years of knowledge I have accumulated to pour into you! 

Ninety-five percent of people fail for lack of mentorship. There is no great man or woman both in the church, Hollywood, or business that did not have a mentor that was crucial in their development. Most of them are unknown mentors, and confidants, and I have been one of those confidant mentors to many an now it is your turn!

Be in great expectation for what God wants you to do in your life through this mentorship. The Holy Spirit wants to activate you through this mentorship.


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