Dr. Gershom Sikaala was born in Zambia, Southern Africa and is a businessman, humanitarian, author, speaker, television host, media personality, and global goodwill peace ambassador. Dr. Sikaala studied Business Administration at the University of Cambridge in Zambia and holds a statesman honorary doctorate in Philosophy & Humanity from United Graduates College Seminary (Richmond Virginia).

He is the founder of an international business in Zambia named Zambikes, which manufactures and sells bamboo bicycles in more than 60 nations and provides jobs to many local workers. His company has been featured on CNN News, BBC, NBC and Fox News…




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In Dr. Gershom Sikaala’s extraordinary book, ” A New Dimension of Glory” you will catch a glimpse of the glory that will seed into your spirit a burning desire to have nothing less than God Himself. For there is surely nothing more “pristine and unarguably” priceless than the glory of God. The Greek word for “glory” is the word DOXA meaning “all that God is and has.” Prophet Gershom is a man well known worldwide for walking in the “Glory.” This fact alone, besides the incredible revelation on the glory hidden in the pages of this book, makes this book a MUST READ for all God chasers around the world. This book will give you a fresh vision for your life and deliver you from being trapped in the “Matrix” of this “false reality” Jesus called “the World.” The only question left for me to ask you is “Are you ready to ENTER into a New Dimension of Glory?” – Dr. Francis Myles


  • Dr. Sikaala’s message is full of hope, faith, and the supernatural assurance that all eternal fruit in our lives comes from intimacy with Jesus. I pray his words would strengthen and encourage you to live a life wholly devoted to our Father in heaven. Every day I am thankful to seek the King side by side with such passionate believers. Dr. Sikaala’s life and mission is a true blessing to the Lord’s wonderful, ever-growing church — in Zambia, in Africa, and all around the world.

    Heidi G. Baker, PhD
    Co-Founder and President of Iris Global

    Heidi G. Baker, PhD
  • Gershom, it was so nice to see you today!! thanks for hanging out and catching up, it was nice meeting Reinette as well. I was thinking a lot about how you preach on miracles and thinking about my cousin Kristen who has cancer. she has been doing a therapy called Gerson and I don’t believe that that’s by coincidence. I don’t know if I ever told you but when we were in moosle bay you prayed over me and my back was healed and I havnt had an issue since! God uses you in such amazing and powerful ways! anyways if we get the opportunity while your here I’d love for you to meet her and pray over her, maybe of you preach somewhere she could come along. anyways just thought I’d update you on that and ask you to continue to uphold her in prayer!

    Jasmyn Shedden
  • Report I went to see you and Samantha at the Vineyard church and shouts of grace in California. I was having trouble with my daughter and was looking for Jesus in every meeting every sunday just seeking Him. My mom went with Mary to Santa Maria salvation army and my mom asked you for a word. You said ” You have a granddaughter and she weighs heavy on your heart she has been through some tough times and Jesus is delivering her up out of it” that was one month and one week ago today. I know Papa was telling me it would be ok my daughter in is rehab at her request and doing a great job. I continue to look for Jesus for guidance in this situation but if you had not told my mom that I would still be searching for answers. We all have that ability to hear the word of God and tell the person what Papa says I just wanted to thank you so much for acting on that.

    Gina Tompkins
  • Hi there,

    You prayed for my Grand daughter Mackinze at The city Church in Nipomo. She wanted her mothers (my daughter- Cassandra) boyfriend to get saved and healed. He is supposed to have surgery and I believe he and my daughter are going separate. His name is Buzz and has had a drinking problem most of his life. This transition will be hard on Mackinze as they have done this a couple of times. Please pray for God to protect her and her sister (my other grand daughter by another man) Maddison.

    You also prayed for my marriage with Rick Briely at Vineyard church one night.

    Debra Lynn
  • With this email I would like to express my appreciation to you & to your team, dear Gershom!

    Its been so wonderful to have the opportunity to do outreach with The Ultimate Goal. Masses of people were given the message of Jesus salvation along with personal witness and feeding devotional material to read; and lots of young people were able to express themselves to great audiences in the form of performing meaningful dramas.

    It has been a wonderful time of on fire witnessing!

    Thank you so much Gershom & team for letting us participate! God bless you all!

    Mary (Switzerland)
  • Gershom. I am so very grateful. Because of you, the sickness disappeared. Had so Much pain for so many years. The pain is completely gone since visited Gershom meetings. God bless you. You are amazing . “The Glory of his presence.

    Michele Sckoropad
  • I just wanted to say thank you so much for your prayers. My life has changed significantly since I started attending your meetings, & I have seen an acceleration. Some Words you have spoken have already come true. God Bless You!

    Pollin, San Francisco